A hand holding a burger and driving

Although texting and driving is commonly confused with being the only form of distracted driving, this isn't the case. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, distracted driving is considered any time your eyes are off the road, hands off the wheel, or mind off the task at hand. As a driver, you have to create a safe space on the roads at all times, so you must avoid using your phone as much as possible.

5 Distracted Driving Habits

When operating a motor vehicle, it's easy to become distracted. Some of the most common driving distractions include:

Texting. This is the number one form of distracted driving. Unlike others, this is one of the only driving distractions of all three types (manual, cognitive, and visual). If you often struggle not to use your cellphone when behind the wheel, try things like putting it in a place where you can't reach it or turning it off.

Eating. As good as an on-the-go meal sounds on days when you're running a little late, it can be very dangerous to eat while driving. If you can't fit two extra minutes in for some fruit and water in the mornings, try packing a light breakfast that you can eat as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Children. Having your little ones in the car with you can be chaotic at times. Next time, try occupying your children with snacks or tablets so that you can fully concentrate on making it to your destination safely.

Changing your radio or GPS. Messing with technology in your car can also be a huge distraction from the road. Be sure to set your radio and GPS before driving off, and if you unexpectedly need to adjust them, pull over somewhere safe to do so.

Events outside of the vehicle. Things happening outside of your car can be a big distraction as well. The next time you drive by, a car accident or a billboard that may catch your attention; try your best to stay focused on the road ahead of you.

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