As warm weather approaches, it's common for a motorcyclist to take their bikes out for a joy ride. This means motorcycle drivers are likely to share the road with distracted drivers who could put their lives in danger. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are an estimated 481,000 people who use their phones while driving. As a motorcyclist, it's beneficial to know ways you can better protect yourself when identifying a distracted driver on the road.

What Can You Do?

There are many things motorcyclists can do to protect themselves from distracted drivers on the road, but first, you must be aware of the signs. Typically drivers who take a long time to move when a light turns green, brake abruptly or an excessive amount of times, or have their head angled in a position other than straightforward are distracted by other things. When you suspect a driver who is not focused on the road, you should:

  1. Make yourself as visible as possible – this can be difficult because of the size difference, but motorcyclists can use reflective decals on their helmets, bike or vest – especially at night.
  2. Watch out for road hazards – sometimes, if a motorcyclist sees a hazard on the road before the driver who is distracted, they have time to create distance or pass them both
  3. Defensive driving – take extra caution at intersections and traffic signals, and be sure to ride according to your skill level.
  4. Protective gear – sometimes extra precautionary measures still aren't enough. Wearing protective gear like helmets and goggles can help reduce the severity of injuries.

Contact an attorney

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