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Many states follow something similar to a “no-fault” car insurance plan, an implication set to make the court process easier for accident victims.This is required to purchase when buying car insurance for your vehicle in many states. With this insurance, are covered for any out-of-pocket injury expenses regarding the accident, like medical treatment or appointment costs. In some states, this can also be referred to as your “personal injury protection” or “PIP.”

In Minnesota, you're required to carry no-fault/PIP if:

  • Your car is primarily parked in a garage located in Minnesota
  • Your car is registered or licensed in Minnesota

As everyone should be covered by some vehicle protection, unfortunately, motorcycles or snowmobiles aren’t included in the PIP. There are other insurance plans that these vehicles are eligible for.

What does “No-Fault” Insurance Cover

In Minnesota, your no-fault insurance not only offers protection to you but to your loved ones as well. It can cover your spouse and children and any relative living in your home or a friend you let drive your car who doesn’t have the protection of their own. If in an accident, the PIP can cover:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Funeral expenses up to $2000
  • Replacement services

What To Do After Being Hit By Someone Who Was Texting and Driving

Once you’ve been hit by someone who was texting and driving, it’s important to start working with an attorney. This way, you can discuss your options with a skilled professional who knows what to expect. No-fault claims must be made within the first six months of the accident. When beginning the process of filing your claim and contacting an attorney, it’s important to have any relevant documentation such as medical bills or examinations.

If you were injured in a car accident due to another individual texting while driving, you may be entitled to financial compensation. At Butwinick Injury Law, we know how complex and daunting the process can be. Our team strives to work closely with each client to identify and reach their goals effectively.

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